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How i passed AWS Certified Developer exam

AWS recommends taking the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam for someone who has one or more years of hands-on experience. In my opinion, it totally depends on how well an individual prepare for the exam.

In my case, I spent 3-6 months on this exam. but I allocated a considerable amount of time every day since I don't have any prior knowledge of AWS.

The reason I wanted to take this exam is not only to get accredited by AWS but also because it provides structured learning.

Below are my tips and what resources I've used:

I bet you can find plenty of resources online when you google "How to prepare for the certified developer exam". I did the same thing and stumbled upon the Udemy course from Stephane Maarek.

Main resources:

  • Udemy course from Stephane Maarek
  • Practice exam from Stephane Maarek
  • AWS documentation site
  • AWS sample practice exam
  • Hands-on exercise

Practice exam

There're so many topics that the exam covers and you need to be able to retain all those information. The only way to do this is via doing practice exams. The above shared Udemy course contains 6 practice exams which hugely helped me to recall my learnings and get real exam scenarios.

Reviewing your answers at the end of the test would help to fill your knowledge gap since it comes with AWS doc reference links that you can go to for further readings.

Tip: Take the exam and review your wrong & right answers. Find areas where you lack knowledge & spend some time on AWS docs before you proceed to take another exam.

Things to consider for the exam

There is a number of ways to sit for this exam, in-person or online(PSI & Pearson Vue). I would have preferred in-person exams but AWS does not have any centers in my location. So I ended up sitting for an online exam via PSI.

Decide on which computer you're going to use and run the compatibility system check provided by PSI and if you have any software running on your machine like VMware, VPN, or JumpCloud, PSI would suggest you stop those processes from your computer before it lets you in.

I had a bit of panic before my exam. I decided to use my work computer and did the system check and everything. But on the exam day, PSI Bridge software prompted me to stop JumpCloud software from my computer. Since this is my work computer, I don't have admin permission to close that particular software. So I ended up using my old windows computer which I haven't used for ages.

Tip: You can stop these programs beforehand if you want to have a smooth online exam experience.

Final note

Even though the exams stress out some people, I would suggest sitting for this exam. It would broaden your skills and knowledge of AWS as a developer.

It enabled me to implement my knowledge at work confidently and I like to share my AWS Badge here.