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Agile? Scrum? How does it help teams to deliver Software products?

What is agile? Is agile the same as scrum?

Agile is an iterative process to deliver software in incremental value(Continuous delivery) rather than delivering it all at once. Continuous delivery helps the team to respond to changes and feedback from the client/stakeholders.

Agile is methodology or mindset and scrum is a framework to implement that.

Are you practicing scrum without you knowing it?

I was practicing scrum, at least partially, before I know what scrum was. Most of us do.

When I work on my side project, I break the project down to achievable functionalities for that particular week in a notepad. once I achieve it, I would clear those tasks and write new functionalities to work for the next weekend. Sounds familiar? It's called sprint in the scrum.

Once I start learning scrum, getting familiar with it is easy for me. because I was doing the same thing with a notepad. but when working with a team, you need more than a notepad. That's where tools like Jira would help with the real collaboration.

Minimum viable product(MVP) & fail fast

MVP is the concept of agile. MVP means building enough features so that customers can use the product and give feedback rather than assuming what the customer wants and building everything at once.

Failing fast is the way of measuring product success via quick iterations and incremental development, and helps the team to pivot to a different direction at the initial stage of the product lifecycle.

What does Jira offer for developers?

1 - Github integration workflow with Jira issues

There are several branching techniques when comes to using version control systems. Jira encourages to use of Task branching(branch-per-task workflow).

Task branch technique would connect each issue with the source code when the issue number is mentioned in branch or commit messages.

Jira has a GitHub for Jira app extension that integrates your git inside the Jira dashboard and all the commits, pull requests & merges would appear inside the dashboard. It encourages the developer to take responsibility from start to finish, improves transparency, and tracks the progress of the issue.

2 - Jira automation

Jira automation helps with the repetition of work and allows the team to automate the workflow. For example, the Jira automation rule can be set to change the issue status from "To do" to "In Progress" when the branch is created with the Jira issue number.